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7:15-2:40   Regular Schedule
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Phoenix Landing serves the literary and learning needs of the Farmington High School community.

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First Day of School - August 22

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Read Across Davis - March 1



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Common Sense Media: A great resource to use if you want to know more about the content of a book you're interested in reading. 

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Ask the librarian for the home login information

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Library Information

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Teachers can schedule library time via the link I sent out at the beginning of the year. 


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Library Standards

The Library Media DESK focuses and prioritizes the reading and information literacy skills that students need to know and be able to use to help them read and research effectively in all subjects and with a variety of technologies.

Secondary DESK Standards
6-12 Secondary Library Media Standards  
Utah State Board of Education Library Media Standards


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Macbeth Pathfinder

The World Book Encyclopedia article "Shakespeare, William" (Utah's Online Library login required if accessing from home) contains a biography of the playwright as well as information about the theater in Shakespeare's time. The World Book Encyclopedia article "Macbeth" (Utah's Online Library Login Required) provides a concise background of the play. Additionally, World Book allows you to search for general terms such as King James I, the Divine Right of Kings, the Gunpowder Plot, ghosts, and witches/witchcraft. 

Gale Student Resources information about William Shakespeare (Utah's Online Library Login Required) contains thousands of articles about the artist and England. The "Reference Section" might be particularly useful, and you can also search key words within the documents through the search bar on the right hand side. You could try searching for Macbeth or about the topics in your research review.

Cliffsnotes Macbeth contains a great deal of background information about the play. Use the left hand menu to search for specific topics. You can also search for specific keywords, such as Shakespeare Gunpowder Plot to find information. 

The British Library has a number of articles about Macbeth and Shakespearean England. The overview can be found here, while specialized articles such as "Royal Shakespeare," "Ghosts in Shakespeare" and "Witchcraft in Shakespeare's England" can be found through searching the site.




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