Registration Q&A

Q: Who do we contact about registration questions. A: Please contact your students counselor listed on the Counseling Center Page.

Q: Where should Ascent/new students wanting to attend FHS return registration packets? A: Please see the Registrar for enrollment information.

Q: Drivers Education A: Driver's Education is assigned by student’s birth date. September through February birthdays will take Drivers Ed 1st semester March through August birthdays will take Drivers Ed 2nd semester. 

Q: Where can I find a Course Catalog? On the Course Offerings page

Q: How do I make changes to a schedule once the schedule has already been put into the computers ? A: Changes to a students course request can be made by contacting a counselor via email with the desired changes before the school year ends.

Q: Who do students who have IEP's and 504's meet with to register? A: IEP Students are to complete a registration card, as all other students. The resource team will contact families and make all corrections to the course request as needed to meet each students IEP. 504 students should also complete a registration card and, once school starts, work with teachers on their accommodations. If a specific class needed for a 504 is not on the class schedule please contact your counselor.