Electronic Device Protection

DSD Discretionary Protection Plan for Electronic Devices

Davis School District is providing a protection plan for students and parents. The Discretionary 
Protection Plan supports the Device Use Agreement and enrollment in the plan is discretionary with 
the understanding that if students/parents do not enroll in the protection plan, they will carry 
full liability for the device in the same way they do for other damaged or lost school property, 
such as textbooks.

Program Cost and Coverage
Cost: $25 per school year (includes summer school). This amount is nonrefundable and will not be 
prorated. Limit Liability: $250. This plan can be purchased via myDSD under optional fees. 

Coverage: Repair or replacement of devices used by the student throughout the school year.

Enrollment Deadline
The plan may not be purchased after damage has occurred, or beyond two weeks of equipment issue 

Effective Coverage / Expiration Date
Effective Date: Coverage begins when the $25 is paid.
Expiration Date: Coverage ends at the conclusion of school year (includes summer school)

The Discretionary Device Protection Plan coverage includes:
• Accidental damage caused by liquid, spills, drops, or other unintentional events.
• Loss of device due to theft; claim must be accompanied by a valid police report.
o If the device is later recovered the amount previously paid for replacement will be reimbursed.
• Damage caused by fire; claim must be accompanied by official fire report from investigating 
• Damage due to an electrical surge.
• Loss or damage caused by natural disasters.

The Discretionary Device Protection Plan coverage excludes:
• Damage caused by fraudulent, intentional, negligent, or criminal act. Students and parents will be responsible for the full amount of repair/replacement for damage or loss if the school determines the damage or loss to be fraudulent, intentional, negligent, or criminal.
• Consumables: Headphones, case, or software.
• “Jailbreaking” or otherwise voiding the manufacturer’s warranty by altering the software. Jailbreaking is a term used to describe a process by which normal manufacturer controls on the functionality of the device are bypassed. Jailbreaking of school-issued laptop devices is not permitted.
• Davis School District is not liable for any loss, damage (including incidental, consequential, or punitive damages), or expense caused directly or indirectly by the equipment.

Replacement Costs 2023-24 School Year

Protection Plan
• A $15 deductible will be assessed per covered incident.
• A $50 deductible will be assessed if the entire device needs replacement per covered incident.

Device/Device Part Cost with Protection Plan Cost without Protection Plan*
Cloudbook Replacement-Non-Touch Model $50 $245
Cloudbook Replacement-Touch Model $50 $400
Cloudbook Screen-Non-Touch Model $15 $70
Cloudbook Screen-Touch Model $15 $260
Cloudbook Power Cord/Block $15 $31