Parking Permit

Parking passes are limited to 11th and 12th grade students and a student must qualify for and purchase a parking pass each semester.

To simplify the process this semester, the parking pass application has been moved online. 11th and 12th Grade Parents/guardians can access the parking pass application on myDSD, under “Tools” > “Sign Documents.” The document is called “1st Semester Parking Permit Application (Optional)”

The parking pass application contains a link to a survey that must be completed as part of the application. Please fill out both the document and linked survey.

To purchase a parking pass, a student must:

– Be in 11th or 12th grade

– Have no U’s or all U’s have been made-up

– Fill out the parking pass application on myDSD

Once the document has been signed and the survey has been submitted, you can pay for the pass in the front office or on myDSD under “Optional Fees”

Qualifying students can pick up their parking pass in the front office AFTER AUGUST 15, 2022.

Thank you for your patience as we update this process. Please email Mr. Feller ( if you have any questions.