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Registration Q&A

Q: If students/parents have questions about registration as they are trying to do it online, who should they contact for answers? A: It is best to contact a counselor at the following email address: Mr. Alan Porter aporter@dsdmail.net; Ms. Staci Swainston sswainston@dsdmail.net;  Mr. Anthony Smith tosmith@dsdmail.net; Mrs. Andrea Holbrook anholbrook@dsdmail.net.

Q: Where should Ascent/new students wanting to attend FHS return registration packets? A: Ms. Susan Spencer is the head secretary for FHS. She has all information regarding enrollment currently. Parents will need proof of residency showing that they live within FHS boundaries, birth certificate, vaccination records etc. Mrs. Spencer’s office is currently at the district offices in the old building right on state street on the main floor across from human services.

Q: Drivers Education A: Drivers Education is assigned by student’s birth date. September through February birthdays will take Drivers Ed 1st semester March through August birthdays will take Drivers Ed 2nd semester. If summer Drivers Education happens information will be sent via email to parents. Birth dates eligible for summer Drivers Education go through the current calendar year.

Q: Science offerings A: AP Science Courses: 10th graders can take AP Physics 1 or AP Biology if they want to. AP Chemistry and AP Physics C will only be for juniors and seniors who have taken prerequisite courses. Honors Science: The goal is to try and push the advanced kids toward taking the AP (and eventually CE) science classes. We are talking about allowing some students who are interested and capable of advanced work take the regular biology, chemistry, and physics courses with an opportunity to earn an honors distinction. We will have to work that out with teachers, but they would give the students deeper material to study and can have their transcripts possibly changed to read "honors" if they want. Third Year Science Options: Ornithology, Astronomy/Botany, Marine Biology, etc.These classes will be open to 10th graders this year as well. If we don't then we probably won't have enough students to fill them. They can take them for 3rd year or elective credit. Biology or another core science class is still recommended obviously.  

Q: Foods .5 or 1.0 Credit A: Foods 1 semester class = .5 credits, Foods 2 semester class = .5 credits CE Foods semester class .5 credits, Pro- Start year course focusing on culinary arts = 1 credit.

Q: Is jazz band really only a semester? A: There are two different Jazz Band options. Option one is a 0 hour class in the mornings with semester or full year options. Students earn .5 credits each time. Option two is an audition class taught during the day and is a year long class worth 1 credit.

Q: Do hard copies of the course requests need to be returned? To who? A: Yes, the state of Utah educational auditors require the school keep on hand an official document signed by a guardian. Students should return their card to the Junior High Counseling center where FHS counselors will pick them up.

Q: Online registration, grey course request sheets, and the email sent home with course selections do not match up. Availability, credits, options for classes are all different. A: The grey cards contain the courses usually open to sophomores. Many courses, though they could be taken by sophomores, fill up with juniors and seniors.

Q: Where can I find a Course catalog? A: A course catalog has been produced and will soon be available online. We know that this does not help those trying to request courses prior to the web page opening but we are doing our best to get the FHS web page and going, we are somewhat dependent upon the district for some help.

Q: What to do to make changes to a schedule once the schedule has already been put into the computers ? A: Changes to a students course request can be made by contacting a counselor via email with the desired changes.

Q: IEP's and 504's that need accommodations or specific classes. How do they register online? Who should they meet with to discuss? A: We have been instructed by previous resource teams to have all resource students complete a course request as a normal student. The resource team will contact families and make all corrections to the course request needed to meet each students IEP. Trust the resource team to do what is right for you student.