Junior High

High School


Scholar and Academic Recognition

Honor Roll
Term Honor Roll—3.5 GPA
Term High Honor Roll—3.75 GPA and at least one honors or AP class.
Honors at Graduation— Silver Cord—Cumulative GPA 3.5 through 3rd term of 12th grade.
High Honors at Graduation— Gold Cord—Cumulative GPA 3.75 through 3rd term of 12th grade and 4 honors or AP classes.
GPA Improvement—Increase GPA by .5 or more. 
Academic Honor Cords— Based on cumulative GPA at end of 3rd term of 12th grade.
Honors— Silver Cord—3.5 GPA
High Honors—Gold Cord—3.75 GPA and 4 or more honors or AP classes.
Departmental Honor Cords (Various Colors) Based on academic and citizenship requirements established by each department.
Academic Letter - Six terms of 3.75 GPA with at least two honors or AP classes each term. See counselor for application.
Utah Scholars – Award given by the state for completing a prescribed college curriculum.  See your counselor for details.
Seal of Biliteracy – Award given by Utah State Board of Education for students who earn a diploma and are proficient in English and at least one world language other than English.  See your counselor for details.