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Graduation Support

To help you with your graduation requirements, the Counseling Department provides several ares of support in this section:

Graduation Summary will help you manage your progress and chart your future path.

Required Credits and Make-up Options will help you understand what is takes to graduate and options to help you succeed at your own pace.

Academic Advisement will help you select classes that help you reach your goals.

Scholarship and Academic Recognition will provide information on various graduation honors for your hard work.

Areas of Support

Graduation Summary

You can look at your own graduation summary on your mydsd account!

How to find your graduation summary on mydsd


Talk to your counselor if you have any questions about your graduation summary.


Below is an overview of the credits you will need to graduate.





Social Studies (Geography--.5 Credit, World Civilization--1 Credit, US History--1 Credit, Government and Citizenship--.5 Credit)





Financial Literacy




Physical Education (Fit For Life--.5 Credit, Participation Skills--.5 Credit, One Other Class--.5 Credit)


Art (performing, visual)


Digital Studies (Computer Technology)






TOTAL (required for graduation)


Required Credits and Make-Up Options

Your transcript should indicate at least 20 credits beginning your senior year. 13 credits the beginning of your junior year and 6 credits the beginning of your sophomore year. If it shows fewer than the credits needed to be on line for meeting the requirements for graduation with your class, see your counselor for advisement.

There are several ways you can make up credit. They include:


FHS Make Up - Offered year round through Edgenuity. The cost per class is $35.00 per quarter credit. Included: Math (beg-adv), English, History, Science, Financial Literacy and some elective make up options. See your counselor to sign up.

SUMMER SCHOOL - Most high schools offer a variety of make up courses. Classes usually begin the first week after graduation. Contact the business office or counseling office for specific dates and fees.


PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS - (Original and/or make up credit) Inquire with your counselor for information about institutions that may fit your need. Some examples may be as follows:

BYU Independent Study http://elearn.byu.edu Information may be obtained from the counselors about BYU. The cost for tuition is approximately $121.00 per 1/2 credit and $76.00 per 1/4 credit plus materials. All costs are subject to change without notice.

Davis Connect http://www.utahstudentsconnect.org/ 

Northridge Learning Center – Layton, Utah

Academic Advisement

The counselors will be in contact with you throughout the year to meet with you to better understand your needs and to provide advisement in both group and individual formats. This involves discussing your Plan for College and Career Readiness (PCCR) as well as other opportunities that will help you be successful as you move on to higher education, technical programs or into your chosen career industry.



Scholar and Academic Recognition


Requirements (for Honors/Order of the Phoenix/Spirit of the Phoenix):

1. Students must be enrolled as a full time Farmington Student or FHS student with part time at DATC

2. Students must fill out application to get award—Applications will be due at the beginning of May.


Students will have the opportunity to apply to be awarded ONE honor cord for graduation

1. The Graduation Honors application is a one-page application. Students can pick up an application in the counseling center, the office, or from the graduation chair beginning 1 week after 3rd term ends.

2. The class requirements could be a combination of the classes as well. For example: a student with a 3.8 GPA who takes 3 AP classes, 4 CE classes, and has completed 400 hours of a DATC certification would qualify for Magna Cum Laude.

3. Applications will be due the first week of May.


Honors Application Options

1. Honors (White Cord)

3.6 Cumulative GPA OR higher

NO Course Requirement


2. Cum Laude (Silver Cord)

3.6-3.799 Cumulative GPA

4 AP/Honors OR 8 CE courses OR 900 hours DATC


3. Magna Cum Laude (Teal Cord)

3.8-3.999 Cumulative GPA

6 AP/Honors OR 12 CE courses OR 1200 Hours DATC


4. Summa Cum Laude (Multi Colored Cord- Teal, Silver, and black)

4.0 Cumulative GPA

6 AP/Honors OR 12 CE Courses OR 1200 hours DATC

Senior Visits